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Level 1 bonus = 1,000 PP Level 2 bonus = 5,000 PP Level 3 Bonus = 10,000 PP Total bonus = 16,000 PP ----- Ride the wave bonus: Located in the Atlantica Casino its just like the bull riding game but its a dolphin.There are 3 levels with each being more expensive and difficult than the last.

Sep 23, 2010 · Dead Rising 2 ; Getting access to the roof of the Atlantica Casino??? Getting access to the roof of the Atlantica Casino??? By rubiq, September 23, 2010 in Dead Rising 2. Share I found all survivors a while ago. The ones I missed were the 3 women in Kathy's Space, who appear at around 10 AM on Day 2, Lenny, who is hiding in a back room in the Yucatan after you beat Ted and Snowflake anytime on Day 1, Janus who appears outside of the Atlantica Casino at 10 PM - Midnight, the 3 poker players in the Atlantica VIP room on the second night at around 1 AM, the 4 members of 2. Take the elevator to the Safe House roof, and go to the back of the elevator room. 3. Enter the second level of the VIP Lounge in the Jump Space 7 restaurant in the Uranus Zone. Break the window, and climb outside. Go around the outer awning towards the Atlantica Casino. 4. Enter the underground tunnels underneath the entrance to the Silver Finally Full achievement in Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360): Ate all types of food in the game. one is faster. either head for the atlantica casino via the strip or for the palisades mall via the

If you're looking at the map, it's the big half-circle at the top of Atlantica Casino. Always game for Dead Rising 2 co-op. Xbox Gamertag: Ranthru 

Winter magic casino huuuge play for free the world’s best casino app – featuring slots, blackjack and video poker! huuuge wins guaranteed! featuring highly detailed art and animations. Challenge poker team – manche n5 – 13 mars par kronos tournoi deepstack casino evaux les bains – 11 12 avril 2015 par actarus. New Hotness (20 points): Build one of the combo weapons new to Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. Card Collection (20 points): Collect 20 combo cards. Card Archive (20 points): Collect 50 combo cards. Hands of Doom (20 points): Unlock all skill moves. We Have a Winner! (20 points): Play a carney game and win. Location. Atlantica Casino Poker Room High Rollers is an unmarked mission in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It involves three people,  Dead Rising 2: Off the Record · Cases and Atlantica Casino, In the Atlantica Casino Poker Room there is a Zombrex Poster on the far left wall. Dead rising 

Sep 24, 2010 · Especially the last one is a bit tricky, remember that only 8 survivors / psychopaths can spawn at once! If there are too many other persons on the map this event can’t start. Do all side missions that are available during this time and save or kill all hidden survivors (3 poker players in atlantica casino, 1 survivor in south plaza).

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Reed and Roger Atlantica Casino 12:00 PM Day 1 Doris Palisades 5:00 PM Day 1 Seymour South Plaza 7:00 PM Day 1 Danni Royal Flush

For the locations of every item in every store see Dead Rising 2 Stores for the location of every item in every area, see Fortune City. See also Combo Weapons.. Dead Rising 2 Prima Official Game Guide lists over 220 different non-combo weapons, not including vehicles. The first guide listed 141 Dead Rising …

Dead or Alive - 027 Andy Talbat Shortcut to the Palisades Mall and Andy is on top of some slots on the first floor. You have to talk to Andy ALOT but he will eventually come with you. Stranded Siren - 064 Tammy Blaine Go into the Atlantica Casino and carry Tammy with Andy back to the safe house. DAY 3 - 10:05 PM Jun 23, 2012 · How to unlock the Big Spender achievement in Dead Rising 2 (PC): Spend $6,000,000 in Fortune City. (The Source) ends, three people will appear in the poker room at the Atlantica Casino; you'll Mar 08, 2017 · Dead Rising 2 takes the franchise to a new level of zombie-killing fun with tens of thousands of zombies, the all new gambling paradise of Fortune City, plus a host of new in-game objects that can Dead Rising 2 Xbox 360 . PC PlayStation casino 113 jacob skinner day 3-02:30 poker room atlantica casino 114 nevada slim day 3-02:30 poker room atlantica

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Reed and Roger Atlantica Casino 12:00 PM Day 1 Doris Palisades 5:00 PM Day 1 Seymour South Plaza 7:00 PM Day 1 Danni Royal Flush Plaza 11:00 PM Day 1 Bill Atlantica Casino 12:00 AM Day 2 Royce Uranus Zone 2:00 AM Day 2 Summer Platinum Strip Arena 6:00 AM Day 2

Due to the large sum of money ($1,000,000), High Rollers is the most profitable mission in Dead Rising 2. During Coop, the prize money is split between the two players ($500,000 each). Chuck can only read messages when it is his turn, but he can answer urgent calls no matter whose turn it is. Nevada Slim is a survivor in Dead Rising 2. He is a professional poker player found in the Atlantica Casino during the unannounced mission High Rollers. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role. The casino chips are a weapon in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. They are small, plastic tokens used in poker and other casino games as currency. They are commonly found in casinos. Chuck flings fistfuls of chips at zombies, stumbling any zombies within very close range of Chuck. The casino chips do almost no damage when thrown at zombies. Those three idiots in the Atlantica Casino will not follow me back to the safehouse until I beat them at poker. However, I suck at this game and I do not want to spend hours on trying to play it safe. Is there a surefire strategy to get them to join me quickly? I really hate that subquest and I want to get it over with. Dead Rising 2: Case West [edit | edit source] September 29, 2011 [edit | edit source] Before 7:00am. Chuck is left behind, and remains the only living human in the city. He is trapped inside an elevator with a zombified TK. Frank West arrives in Fortune City to pick up Rebecca, but he instead finds Chuck and saves him from zombie TK. Frank learns of Rebecca's death and the truth about Phenotrans.